data and numbers

Why Plural ?

The idea of this site is to encourage diversification of skills and knowledge among students and engineers. This is a point of view that is rarely favored by companies, which generally prefer specialized profiles with many years of experience in a specific sector or discipline. I think this diversification of skills allows us to find new, more original and more effective approaches to solving the problems we encounter in our careers. It is also a great way to stimulate our creativity and come up with interesting business ideas.

Coming from an economics university myself, I was surprised by the possibilities I could consider professionally with a little self-study in computer science and a graduate internship in data science. After a few years working in this sector, I met many people with different profiles more or less compartmentalized in the company to a specific task as: Business analyst, Data analyst, BI consultant, Data engineers, front or back IT developers ...

Keeping this logic of self-training, this website is a way to train myself to general IT skills (frontend, backend, API, application deployment...) while sharing projects and topics that interest me and that I hope will you will find interesting too.

Antonin Leroy